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Hey guys, i have been dwelling in Deviantart all the time so i think im kinda want to expand my sites over New Grounds.

So, whos up for Digital anime painting for 30 bucks below? its delicious.

Just wanna let you know that Im draw only digital stuffs.

Here's what im offering.

Single character:

Grayscale full body : US$15 - US$18

Colored full body : US$20 - US$25

2 Characters or more:

Grayscale : US$18 - US$22
Additional character will be added another US$10

Colored : US$25 - US$30
Additional character will be added another US$15

I can do backgrounds depending on how much detail I put in it. Addional prices varies US$5 - US$20

I can do mechas and armored people but that will cost a lil' bit depends on the details

I also may do others like chibis or full illustrations drawing but that you have to ask for further details.

Things you should know:

- I will post the works here if I feel like it but I will ask for your permission before I do so.

- No furries and especially hentai. Sexy things also im not really like to draw like tight clothes or boobs half-exposed . However, you're welcome to ask if you're not sure. I might be open to those things if your idea is okay with me.

- Browse my galleries to get a good idea of what kind of artworks I can offer. I don't want complaints like it doesn't look like so and so's work. If you think Im not on your standards, please don't bother.

- This applies to all commission to me including the free ones offered.

Send me a note or contact me via my Yahoo Messenger or Live MSN if interested. I respond faster on those. Both use . Include a detailed description or reference. I will then will proceed to do some sketches and show it to you as soon as they're done.

proceed to transfer the money first to on paypal then i will start the commision as fast as i can. I am not in plan to con your money. procedure is safer for me that way

After I'm done with the work, I'll send it to you via note or email or whatever means of contact online.

Commissions with deadlines will be prioritized over others.

If I am unable to finish the work, I will give you a full refund.

and thats it, hope i am worthy of your requests.

I am new and i do art commisions.